Kostas Gogas Laying Out the Canvas


4:48 2012 Experiment Introducing Abstraction in Music Videos

Project Description

Following the 'Headache' mindset, this was a music video focused on minimalism, in terms of color, camera placement, acting and editing.
More Details

About the Experiment Artistic Period

Where I reinvent myself again, getting rid of my preconceptions around art. I start to work on abstract visual work then move on to influence my video and my music work. Then I have another breakthrough towards new media, where the intangible becomes a major focus.

About the Introducing Abstraction in Music Videos Period Category

All my artistic background would finally found its way into my video work. I figured that music videos were an open field for more aesthetic work, something no one had really explored (the same I believe for music).

  • Track: 448
  • Music Group: 448
  • LP: 448
  • Lyrics Vocals: Fee & Pause 87
  • Music Composition: StartRec
  • Guitars: Fanis Margaronis (KollektivA)
  • Producer: Start Rec
  • SoundMix & Sound Mastering: Start Rec

  • Director, Producer: Kostas Gogas
  • Cinematography: Markzita
  • Editing: Lanee
  • Color: Kostas Gogas
  • Performers: Pause 87, Fee, Panagiotis B. & Haris B.