Kostas Gogas The Vision of One Artist


I am one artist & I don't fit in one category

My work includes art, literature, music, film and intellectual stimulation. Nea Filadelfeia, Athens, Greece

I'm a self-disruptor, breaking always free from the status-quo, not fearing to reinvent myself, stop the process, completely abandon what yesterday was my holy cup, change my views, don't care to answer social expectations or limit myself in any way. Working tirelessly on my own journey, which is one of development and trusting my every impulse. Using this approach I have produced numerous works across multiple art forms. I was born in Ioannina, Greece on April 18th, 1987 and I was raised in Nea Filadelfeia, Athens from the age of 1, where I still live today.

Some people need to go on vacation to relax and restore their balance, me on the other hand, I find my thoughts in a complete state of chaos when I don't create, I must do it, either I like it or not it's the only thing that pulls me up from the ground, and I constantly need to remind myself that the activity of creating is always there, waiting for me when I need it. And I need it a lot.

One thing I could never tolerate from a young age, was 'behind the scenes' filtering, so at age 25 I decided that I will no longer leave anyone but me decide what work gets released and what not. This has become the most important thing for the way I work: independence, I do everything myself or I work closely with people that trust my vision and will support me when I'm down or when I'm up. I work slowly until my vision is achieved because I believe that a true masterwork is worth more than a million mediocre ones. This strive for perfection though, may mean that the majority of the hundreds of my projects will be left unfinished.