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The Most Comprehensive Resource of all the Visual Art, Films, Fiction & Music projects of Greek Multidisciplinary Artist Kostas Gogas

Kostas Gogas' work has always been focused on defining, presenting and understanding the self.

His work explores individualism, existentialism and emotions through breakthroughs, originality and freedom of form.

Current 2015-2022

Setting the new foundations. In complete contrast with my working style so far. I start to create my art by setting the vision and implementing what's needed in order to deliver upon it. The current period is filled with strong vision, bold new directions and excercising excellence.

Groundbreaking Formats

A work that is unique on its own right, a new artform. This really pushes the limit of what I believe an artist's obligation is to the world. To deliver, independently, the unthinkable, something that no one asked him for.




Experiment 2011-2014

Where I reinvent myself again, getting rid of my preconceptions around art. I start to work on abstract visual work then move on to influence my video and my music work. Then I have another breakthrough towards new media, where the intangible becomes a major focus.

New Media

Finally found a way to use my digital skills to produce fine art, and with the help of a digital pen I started to action-paint directly on the digital canvas. This was another breakthrough for me, as I wanted to get rid of value notions related to the material and explore the intellectual capital provided by the artist.

Introducing Abstraction in Music Videos

All my artistic background would finally found its way into my video work. I figured that music videos were an open field for more aesthetic work, something no one had really explored (the same I believe for music).

Other Video Work

In retrospect I can see that this video was the bridge between my early video work and the videos I produced from then on. It acted as the catalyst to experiment on and also helped me realize that I must have way more time to work on things if I wanted to create something that would be, not only new, but refined and completed too.

Abstract Music

I created some experimental music between 2010-2014, I didn't want to actually produce anymore, it was too much work and I didn't want to do it, I only wanted to direct the production. I trusted 'Start Rec' to produce our next album, but only one track was completed - the other tracks were produced here and there, mostly between 2011-2012.

Enter Abstraction

A period where I found out that my working-class upbringing had really influenced my perception of what art is, I wanted to get rid of that, so with courage alone in the beginning I entered the abstract world.

Other Art

There were many smaller artworks created in this period, continuous-lines, drawings etc. They weren't made for a specific project, they were rather experiments for exploring other directions.

Dare 2010-2013

Not being able to rest on my my successes at the moment, I wanted to push the envelope, first by working on a feature film, and then by getting acquainted with English speaking work. This period's works were a big failure, but because I can't stand doing the same mistake ever again, it would prove to be the cornerstone from here then on. I am styding and planning thoroughly my future film & prose work ever since.

Failed First Feature Film

Oh my, oh my. Until today I haven't get comfortable with the biggest failure of my career. So many people, so much money, all lead to nothing, not even the movie itself. Having learned to work on way smaller projects until then, I found myself on a nightmare of expectations from myself and from everyone else. Failing to complete the film in any resemblance to the original script's intention had cost me very much until today. Produced on a shoe-string budget (€4,700), produced, directed and written by me.

Failed First English Novel

Wanted to write in English, the fail fast mentality get me going. I wrote the book in one week and it's almost unreadable for English natives.

Produce 2007-2009

A period of blooming creativity, nailing down work I have been trying to do for many years. A personal period of education (reading one book after another) and studying Graphic Design (where my love for art history & theory began and influences my work hereafter).

Visual Arts Development

Where I start really developing personal style and creating art way more aware of herself. As well as focusing in producing work away from teams.

Digital Arts Development

The nature of the continuous-line method was really asking for digital coloring, I came up with the solution of using the digital-tracing technology to produce vectors out of them, as well as using recently introduced tools that made it easy to paint them quickly. I started producing some digital artworks that gave the continuous line drawings more depth and most importantly: color. This was the only way I could think of for keeping intact the automatic nature of the one line as well as having color.

Music Albums

Produced three hip-hop albums. I worked heavily on those, working across all aspects, production-wise and artistic wise: sound-mixing, lyrics writing, rap, music composition, art direction of releases.

First Video Work

Music videos on a shoe-string budget, trying to make my hip-hop group to be the first underground band in Greece to have music-videos. And one surreal short. Proud of my work here, though not personal style existed yet.

First Mid-Length Film Attempt

Created a 35' film in black and white with very few characters and sets, my first taste of narrative film. Did everything myself except the acting and the music.

First Literary Attempt

Where I wrote my first novel in 3-4 weeks at the end of August of 2008, trying to boostrap my way in narrative prose.

Explore 2003-2007

Meeting other 'professional' graffiti artists at the time helped me expand my horizons and leave behind any preconceptions around my working style, started to trust the collaborative process and embrace new point of views.

Graffiti Advancement

Met other artists and started working together, a boost in creativity and technique, also turning away from styles ('letters') towards more character heavy work.

First Digital Attempts

Having a PC for the first time in 2005, I started experimenting.

Start 2001-2003

Graffiti. Where for the first time in my life I find something that I know I will continue to do. In the light of what came afterwards, it was something that helped me navigate my life's path.

Early Graffiti

Heavily influenced by other artists at the time, I started to sketch on paper, organized a graffiti team, and paint every sunday. I also did commission work.