Kostas Gogas Laying Out the Canvas


Sapioi os to Kokkalo 2011 Experiment Other Video Work

Project Description

Shot in Arta, Epirus, a music video for my friend and collaborator Fee.
More Details

About Project

  • Project Type: Music Video
  • Artist: Kostas Gogas
  • Date: 2011
  • Client: Fee
  • Shot by: Mark Zita
  • Director, Producer, Editor, Color: Kostas Gogas
  • Location: Arta, Epirus, GR

About the Experiment Artistic Period

Where I reinvent myself again, getting rid of my preconceptions around art. I start to work on abstract visual work then move on to influence my video and my music work. Then I have another breakthrough towards new media, where the intangible becomes a major focus.

About the Other Video Work Period Category

In retrospect I can see that this video was the bridge between my early video work and the videos I produced from then on. It acted as the catalyst to experiment on and also helped me realize that I must have way more time to work on things if I wanted to create something that would be, not only new, but refined and completed too.

Music Video for Sapioi os to Kokkalo by Fee

  • Track: Sapioi os to Kokkalo
  • Artist: Fee
  • LP: XXI
  • Lyrics Vocals: Fee
  • Music Composition: StartRec
  • Producer: Fee & Start Rec
  • SoundMix & Sound Mastering: Start Rec

  • Director, Producer: Kostas Gogas
  • Shot by: Markzita
  • Editing & Color: Kostas Gogas

Still Frames from the Video