Kostas Gogas Laying Out the Canvas


Vector Traces of One Line Drawings 2008 Produce Digital Arts Development

Project Description

The continuous-line drawings I traced and colored digitally in 2008. Portraits, animals & surrealism.
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About the Produce Artistic Period

A period of blooming creativity, nailing down work I have been trying to do for many years. A personal period of education (reading one book after another) and studying Graphic Design (where my love for art history & theory began and influences my work hereafter).

About the Digital Arts Development Period Category

The nature of the continuous-line method was really asking for digital coloring, I came up with the solution of using the digital-tracing technology to produce vectors out of them, as well as using recently introduced tools that made it easy to paint them quickly. I started producing some digital artworks that gave the continuous line drawings more depth and most importantly: color. This was the only way I could think of for keeping intact the automatic nature of the one line as well as having color.