Kostas Gogas The Vision of One Artist


Modernist Drawings

The modernist drawings of that period began in 2007, when I attended my graphic design studies. The art history and theory classes were the most interesting for me, maybe because I never felt the need to study anything that had to do with art until that point, I was mainly focused on grasping the ‘inspiration’ only by ways that cannot be described, taught or even repeated.
But I fell in love with art history, not only because a new world expanded in front of me but also because I was starting to see how many of my ‘innovative’ ideas were nothing but an uneducated guess· all things I had thought to introduce in my work had been done in some point in time by great artists that came before me.
Because schools fail to catch up with contemporary times, the art history classes covered a specific period of time that ended 80 years before, more or less. Surrealism, Dadaism and maybe a touch of Pop Art were the last lessons.

When I see these drawings in retrospect I understand that the modernist movements of 1910 were the main aesthetic influence. The works were focused on style, craft and the spirit of automation, were there is no plan behind the art you create, you just go with the flow.

Interestingly, even if I cannot see some tangible art that resembles the style per se. When I read literature by modernist authors like James Joyce and Marcel Proust, somehow the artworks I created in 2007 sit well with the books they wrote a hundred years before.