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The Couch by Kostas Gogas

The individual existence in contemporary society.

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A man breaks free of his usual routine for a day, but before he begins to feel the change, he goes blind.

- Word count: 2,000 words
- Published: September 9th, 2020

The writing of Kostas Gogas

"Literature with elements of weirdness, urban landscapes, contemporary society, nightmares, fantastic and surreal situations all asking existential questions· they receive no answers."

About my Writing

More or less I'm occupied with existential polar opposites trying to find a way to become one. This is my personal journey and it reflects on my work.

I'm concerned about the individual struggling to figure out himself by taking into account all his inner impulses and expressing himself in a cohesive whole while being faced with narrow structures of societal expectations.

In my writing you can find existential self-debating, an individualistic approach, nightmares, humor all over it as well as irony, modernism and (in my early writing) streams of consciousness.

History of Writing & Publications

I completed my first short story in 2007, written in Greek, it was a small third person narrative about a local photographer closing shop and embarking on an adventure in the Greek countryside. Later I would incorporate that story in my first novel (Greek) written in the summer of 2008. None of my work has ever been published, except a self-publishing attempt in 2013 that I quickly withdraw immediately after.
The Couch is a mini short story I recently published (September 2020).

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