Kostas Gogas The Vision of One Artist


Continuous Line Drawings

My recent interest in surrealism and its automatic approaches played a major role in the development of the one line style. It was ‘blind’ creation, I always had difficulty accepting what my art teachers kept telling me: that I should know what the final result of an art piece should be like.

I didn’t want to know, I wanted it to be a surprise, and with one lines I had that.

It was the way I created art that made me a fan of the ‘surprising myself factor’ because I had trouble maintaining a vision for a final result or I was trying to protect myself from getting bored or I didn’t want to commit on a path in order to maintain my freedom. The ‘surprise factor’ was used for getting through the constraints of my abilities.

When I created this ‘innovative’ style, having no user-generated internet (not in the scale that came afterwards) I thought that I was the only one creating these works. In recent years I’ve discovered that there are other artists that use the same technique – I don’t know if they did so before or after me as they are all close to my age – maybe it was the ‘global mind’ guiding as all to the next innovation without our individualistic little us playing any but a procedural role.